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Janel & Bob Lange
Welcome, and thank you for visiting Serviam Publishing.
   Serviam Publishing was established in 2004 to publish The Treasure of Staying Connected for Military Couples. Janel Lange was moved to write the book in 2003, and felt an urgency to share it with military couples as quickly as possible. Her husband, Bob, volunteered to help manage the new endeavor.

The name of the company, Serviam, has its roots in Janel's high school motto: Serviam, Latin for "I will serve." The concept of service has taken on increased meaning as our life together has unfolded. Staying Connected was written in the spirit of service to others, as will be the case for all future publications by this company.

Please take a moment to read a short selection from The Treasure of Staying Connected, or to see what those who have read it have said.