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Thank you for your interest in sharing your feedback with us. We are especially interested in hearing about how you have been able to nurture your relationship during a time of separation. With your permission, we may select stories to share with others to help them grow closer in their relationship.

To share a story, please send it to LittleGems@ServiamPublishing.com.

Couple's Prayer

Loving Creator,

           We thank You for the gift of each other, and for Your plan for us to spend a lifetime together in a loving relationship.  We know that, for now, we are asked to sacrifice a piece of that lifetime for the quest of freedom of all people, which is Your will.  We ask that You keep us safe and help our love for one another to grow stronger during this time of separation so that when we are reunited, we may continue our life together in a way that reflects Your love for us.                                                                                                           Amen