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As we have shared The Treasure of Staying Connected, we have received requests from organizations to provide books for our deployed servicemembers. We have provided as many as we could, as our means of supporting those serving overseas. One of those recently serving is our son, who's Marine Corps Reserve unit was recalled to active duty in January, 2005 and again in June, 2006.

One of the organizations we are working with is Books for Soldiers. They collect books and send them to deployed servicemembers. Please take a look at the Books for Soldiers web site.  We want to thank the Paschal Lamb bookstore and the World Wide Marriage Encounter community for their generous support of this endeavor.

We are also grateful to Adopt a Chaplain, an organization helping our deployed servicemembers by mailing packages of useful items to Chaplains overseas for distribution.  In addition to snacks, clothing, video games and other "comfort" items, they provide books including The Treasure of Staying Connected.

To date we have sent more than three hundred books to these two organizations.  Some of them were purchased by benefactors who provided funds, in addition to those we donated.  The citizens of Kingsport, TN have been exceedingly generous in their support.  A portion of their contributions have also supported the Kingsport Veterans Memorial.

We invite you to become a benefactor, by contributing $6.50 for each book you want to send to those who are serving us. This will cover our cost for the book, and the cost to ship them each month to Books for Soldiers.

We will include a gift card, if you desire, with each book. Please include your message in the e-mail you send us to order. Please click on the link below to donate to one of these worthy organizations, and tell us how many books you wish to donate, and to which cause.

Click here to donate a copy (or copies) of The Treasure of Staying Connected to our Troops.