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"Its principles are so universal that even non-military couples would do well to give it a careful and prayerful read." -- National Catholic Register April 17, 2005

"Helped us to see that raising a family while one parent is away can work very well." -- Sara M. (Army wife of one year)

"A splendid book! I have shared copies with several chaplains. Janel has great style." -- Rev. J.L.K. (Bishop Emeritus, United Methodist Church)

"My mother gave me a copy of your book to read and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it.  My husband left for Germany a few weeks ago to do some preparations before their unit deploys.  I stayed up and read your book the night he left.  I really enjoyed the stories about how military spouses enjoy each other when they are so far apart.  Ken and I have always felt that as hard as the deployments are they make us stronger.  Military life can be hard, but is so rewarding.  I wouldn't trade the pride I have in my husband and all the wonderful friends we have in the Army for anything." -- Amy N.  (Army wife)

"What a lovely book! Your book is a 'must read' for military couples. It is so warm, ispirational, informative, and has so many references for getting help. The book is so interesting that one can hardly put it down without ffinishing it at the first sitting." -- Mrs. Virginia A. (retired DOD teacher and wife of retired Air Force Reserve Chaplain)

"I think the book is great and very timely for families who are going through long separations, particularly now." -- Mrs. E.B. (Wife of Deputy Chief of Chaplains)