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This page is a moving target. We want to provide links to sites and resources we have found helpful. We hope these additional "Treasures" are helpful to you.

We have been priveledged to serve on a committee to design and fund a memorial to our servicemembers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice during armed conflict.  This memorial in Kingsport, TN will honor all those who have served, but give special honor to those who died.  The site for the memorial located Here.

There is a reference in Staying Connected to a card that provided inspiration to us.  At the time, we didn't know the source of the card.  We have found out that the card is still available from Michael Podesta, and can be purchased at this LINK.

One of the major causes of stress in a relationship is the lack of financial resources, and the lack of financial management skills. We have found the information provided by T. Harv Eker, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind to be very helpful. Harv presents seminars around the country through Peak Potentials, the company he founded to provide courses and camps to empower people. Information on some of his courses is available HERE.

Often the spouse at home has days filled with children and their activities. But, the financial stresses keep building, and so mom or dad goes out to get a job. Then they may feel guilty about spending time away from the kids while the other parent is not available to be with the kids. Many people have found the answer to this problem by working from home. And, it's better if the "job" provides flexibility in the amount of time, and the manner of earning income. We know many people, including military spouses, who have earned a significant income by helping people find Health and Freedom.

The stress of separation usually takes a physical toll, too. The temptation is to grab a meal at whichever drive through the kids are clamoring for. Exercise, while the military spouse must pass a physical fitness test, can be difficult to fit into a busy schedule. We have found a company that helps us maintain our health and fitness, and has had a tremendous positive impact on our family's health. The best thing about a healthy lifestyle is that the body steadies at its healthiest weight.  We also learned that food cravings are a physical response, not "emotional eating."  There is information about USANA Health Sciences HERE.

We are pleased to support those who are deployed by providing copies of The Treasure of Staying Connected to our deployed servicemembers through Books for soldiers.  Please take a look at their program, and consider donating the cost of a copy of The Treasure of Staying Connected, or make a contribution directly to Books for Soldiers.

Our service men and women are placed under severe stress during deployment, and they are supported by the Chaplains who are on the front lines with them.  Adopt-a-Chaplain, Inc. supports the troops by supporting the Chaplains.  Please check out the wonderful work they do by visiting their website.

One of the gifts we received many years ago was the opportunity to experience a World Wide Marriage Encounter weekend.  The weekend is presented with a foundation in faith, but does not require participation in any specific faith or denomination to benefit from the tools learned on the weekend.  More information is available HERE.

This website is hosted by 1&1.com.  We have been exceedingly pleased with the ease of creating and upgrading the site, and the low cost relative to many others.  If you would like to explore their offerings, please follow this link.  They offer the most reasonably priced domain names that we have found, in addition to their web creation/hosting services.

There are other military families who are sharing their journey with others in creative and innovative ways.  Tara Crooks is an Army wife who hosts Army Wife Talk Radio, an internet based talk show that provides wonderful information to military spouses of all branches.  Listen to an archived show, or live, at http://www.armywifetalkradio.com/

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